Ultrapreg: The Future of Pipe Lining

Starting at 59.90 €/m

Zero Waste Installation
Pre-Produced, QR-Coded Prepregs
Optimal Performance
Engineered for Compatibility with SewerBot
Seamless Integration
Automated Data and Quality Control

Unmatched Quality Post-Cure

Discover the superior quality of pipes post-cure with Ultrapreg. Our advanced resin system, engineered for optimal compatibility with SewerBot, ensures a flawless application every time. See the transformative effects of Ultrapreg on pipe durability and function.

Versatility Across Diameters

Ultrapreg is designed for excellence across a wide range of pipe sizes, from 100mm to 300mm in diameter. Our QR-coded prepregs ensure precise application, minimizing waste and maximizing efficiency. See the high-quality results achieved with Ultrapreg in various pipe dimensions.

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