SewerBot: Revolutionizing Pipe Lining

Starting from 57.000 €

Super Efficiency & Power
Line pipes up to 25+ meters with 1200+W
Advanced Cooling & Silence
Innovative vapor cooling and quiet operation
AI-Driven Automation
Minimize human error and reduce labor costs

Eliminate Errors, Excess Costs, and Complications with SewerBot

Fully Integrated Light Composite Drum

Combines lightweight design with durability, ready to operate with just a compressor and electrical power.

Extremely Powerful UV Head (1200+W)

Engineered for compactness and maximum power output, adaptable for a variety of liners and resins.

AI-Driven Single Touch Operation

Features AI-driven automation for simplified, one-click control and real-time remote operation, with full manual control always available.

Advanced Cooling and Quiet Operation

Utilizes innovative vapor cooling technology for enhanced efficiency and a quieter operation.

Simplified Site Operation

Simplified operation with a standard 230V/110V compressor, eliminating the need for an air chiller and making on-site handling much easier.

Smart Investment

Offers long-term efficiency with over-the-air updates that enhance functionality and superior connectivity.

Quality Control

Operational parameters and camera images are recorded for quality assurance, with all data uploaded to the cloud.

Comprehensive Connectivity

The equipment has 4G, WiFi, and Bluetooth. Sync all information to the cloud constantly and send push notifications when it is ready.

Zero Waste Ultrapreg

Just scan & go: Simply scan the code on the prepreg to instantly access all necessary information, ensuring you get it right every time.

Explore the AI capabilities of SewerBot, showcasing its automated operations, intelligent navigation, and how it minimizes human error in pipe lining tasks with advanced sensors and AI-driven decision-making.

UV head

Introducing our advanced UV head with over 1200 watts of adjustable power. Operating at a 395 nm wavelength, it is ideal for CIPP technologies. Equipped with an absolute digital output barometer and six temperature sensors for real-time monitoring, this UV head ensures optimal performance and safety. Additionally, a 9-axis absolute orientation sensor for precise positioning. The glass-covered head is easy to clean, durable and sealed against water and vapor, negating the need for a moisture separator.

Product Image

Vapor cooling

The UV head’s vapor cooling technology increases efficiency and reliability, particularly in harsh environments. Requiring less than 0.5 l/min waterflow, the efficient vapor cooling allows for a smaller, quieter air compressor, enhancing the system's performance and reducing noise.

Integrated drum

This lightweight, full-composite unit integrates the inversion drum and UV head, simplifying operations and minimizing the number of required equipment. Additionally, the combination of the liner and cable drums minimizes air loss. Providing a capacity for liners over 30 meters long and a 35-meter cable, the integrated drum is designed for large-scale projects.

AI driven operations

SewerBot integrates an AI computer, cameras, and sensors to automate operations, reducing human error and labor costs. With pre-programmed procedures and set parameters for various liners and resins, it ensures optimal performance with every operation. What sets it apart is its adaptability; while it boasts presets, users have the freedom to manually override processes at any time, tailoring operations to specific needs and preferences. Moreover, it offers manual control options for flexibility in operation. Its AI-driven automation enhances processes and quality over time, presenting a smart solution for modernization.


For real-time procedure visualization SewerBot includes two cameras. One located in the drum and another integrated in the UV head. These cameras offer operators invaluable insights on the fly. For detailed documentation, in "Project mode," the software records the camera footages, stores all parameters and data, including applied pressures, LED intensity and measured temperatures, in a cloud. The system can be easily controlled and updated through a user-friendly interface, ensuring seamless operation and adaptability to evolving needs.


90 kg
Dimensions (L x W x H)
1043 mm x 637 mm x 1183 mm
Connected Load
1.8 kW
AC input
230V & 110V
Water consumption
0.5 l/min
Air supply
min. 150 l/min
Maxi Head
90° bends >DN125
Mini Head
90° bends >DN70
Maximum range
30 m
Curing speed
0.5 - 2 m/min
Inversion / Retraction speed
0.5 - 10 m/min
Rope holding power
Display Type
10.1 Touchscreen display
Camera Features
Dual camera feed